We are a subsidiary of the Seiko Group Corporation. In the name of Time Module (TMI), we sell a wide range of watch movements manufactured by the Group factories to all over the world. With decades of know-how and relentless pursuit of precision, craftsmanship and innovation, we continue to evolve and widen our product line-up...

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“  With our persistent pursuit in perfection and accuracy, our movements always evolve with time.

Notice 2023.12.29

Calibres discontinued

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Notice 2024.02.27

PC Series - Country of Origin

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Product Highlight: VK Series

VK Premium Chronograph Movement

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TMI Website Renewal

With the enriched contents and enhanced user interface, we strive to provide you a better browsing experience.

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Product Video: NH34

NH34 GMT Mechanical Movement

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Product Video: NH3 Series

NH3 Mechanical Movements

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Product Video: VD5 Series

VD5 Standard Chronograph Movements: Hand Height Options

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Product Video: AG Series

AG Gearbox: What Gearbox can do?

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Time Module (TMI) movements are sold through Time Module Ltd., a subsidiary of Seiko Group Corporation